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Who do you want to work for UI/UX?

Who you work for shapes how you work and your daily tasks as a UI/UX designer. Here are a few things to expect and the skills you’ll want to be successful.

Small Company/Startup

  • Newer, untested products
  • Prefer generalists (hybrid UI/UX designers)
  • Faster on resources
  • Working with a small team
  • Work by yourself to learn more

Large Company/Well Funded

  • More developed products
  • Income stable and benefits
  • Working on the same thing for a long time
  • Direct to prefer specialists
  • Working with larger teams


  • Requires flexibility
  • Various type of work
  • More work and life balance
  • Administrative and business management
  • No ceiling on growing income


  • Product design and business knowledge
  • Extremely self-motivated and passionate
  • Enjoy solving problems and putting out fires
  • Powerful leadership skills
  • Ownership of the whole product


  • Many works and life balance
  • Organized and self-directed
  • Able to manage time efficiently
  • Powerful leadership skills
  • Great portfolio, online presence and application skills


  • Structured hours
  • Advantages and Perks
  • Need people and collaboration skills
  • Strong interviewing
  • Thick Skin

Learn the skills you need to get hired anywhere at any time.

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