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What Ports Should be Open for cPanel/WHM

Most of the VPS and Shared Hosted servers are using cPanel and WHM for the visual interface accessing the files and other things. It is best practices for blocking all unnecessary ports in the firewall due to the security reason. Only a few things need to be open that helps the communication between the cPanel/WHM with the server. So you should always need to block all unnecessary ports using the firewall and the below commands used to communicate cPanel/WHM with the server.

We recommend the following ports are presented in your firewall to perfectly use cPanel and WHM

20 TCP/UDP FTP data
22 TCP/UDP SSH (Secure Shell)
25 TCP SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
53 TCP/UDP DNS (Domain Name System)
80 TCP/UDP HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)
110 TCP POP3 (Post Office Protocol v3)
143 TCP IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol)
443 TCP HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over SSL/TLS)
465 TCP SMTP over SSL
993 TCP IMAPS (Internet Message Access Protocol over SSL)
995 TCP POP3S (Post Office Protocol 3 over TLS/SSL)
2077 TCP Webdisk (cPanel Specific)
2078 TCP Webdisk with SSL (cPanel Specific)
2082 TCP cPanel default (cPanel Specific)
2083 TCP cPanel default SSL (cPanel Specific)
2086 TCP WHM (cPanel Specific)
2087 TCP WHM with SSL (cPanel Specific)
2095 TCP cPanel Web mail (cPanel Specific)
2096 TCP cPanel Web mail with SSL (cPanel Specific)

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