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What is .htaccess?

Here we going to see What is .htaccess?. Htaccess is short for HyperText Access. The .htaccess configuration file which tells the server what to do. It is recommended by all the web servers, including the famous Apache and this has been used by all the largest web hosting provider. Every function is essentially just a line of text or code, these only tell the server what to do. Here you can rule whatever you want by adding or changing the code in the .htaccess file.

The .htaccess configuration file indicated by the server. Using .htaccess you can do many server configurations and it can be used for various purposes here a few examples: permission control, website cache and website optimization, etc.,

What can I use .htaccess for?

The most powerful tool in the web server is .htaccess because to avoid that you could break your site by accident or from hackers, you can able to disable certain functions that help you to protect your website.

Here you have some of the benefits of using .htaccess, for example, use it to:

1. Website optimization
2. SSL
3. Authentication
4. URL rewriting
5. Blocking spambots
6. Directory listing
7. Customized error responses
8. Mime type
9. Cache control

The format of .htaccess

.htaccess always starts from (dot) file, that means for the security reason the file is hidden by the hosting provider. Normally hidden files you cannot able edit in your hosting server. In your web server you can’t able to see the .htaccess file here you here an article.

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