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What is Angular? – History of Angular

Angular Is Front-End framework which is developed with JavaScript and that is widely used by Front-End developers for developing web, desktop, and mobile applications. Angular is open-source JavaScript framework used to build single-page web applications. This is one of the most popular to build dynamic websites also create animations for your web applications. The Angular application involves TypeScript along with HTML, CSS, etc. Angular compiles the TypeScript to JavaScript and is rendered in the browser.

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Angular History

Angular which is popularly known as Angular JS, the first version of Angular JS was released in 2010. Angular JS was developed by Google employee by the name of Misko Hevery , was developing a side project. Now, most of the organizations are using Angular JS to develop their web applications.

Angular 2

In the year Dec 2015 beta version released and the final version of Angular 2 was released on Sep 2016.

Angular 4

Angular version 4 released in 2016 December. Version 3 was skipped to avoid confusion due to miss alignment of the router package version which was already distributed as Version 3.3.0. The final version was released as Angular 4 on March 23, 2017.

Angular 5

In November 2017 the Angular 5 was released with major improvements.

Angular 6

Angular 6 released in May 2018. This was released with major features, like ng add, ng update, Animations Performances, RxJS v6, Library Support, and CLI Workspaces.

Angular 7

Angular 7 released on October 2019 with the update of Application performance, Angular Material, and CDK.

Angular 8

In May 2019 the Angular 8 released with the improvements of Dynamic imports for lazy routes, TypeScript 3.4 updated, and faster re-build time.

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Form starting an Angular lot of versions is increased any time if there is bug fixed or some of the changes made in the version. Many version changes do not affect the existing functionality, it is additional features with the existing version. In the year 2018, Google released two Angular versions, you can see the major Angular version number changes in the year two times. So Angular is one of the best and powerful frameworks in the present also in the future.

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