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Online Movie Tickets Booking using jQuery

Online movie tickets booking system using jQuery based. Instead of standing in a queue and buying tickets, it is a waste of time and energy. The ticket reservation system allowing you to book in a few easy steps. Where you can book tickets in advance, know your movie show timing, movie name, and seat number.

You know everything about a movie and its show rates and showtime just sitting on your desktop or mobile phone. You can buy tickets just by selecting a movie and seats. By using jQuery here you can book the tickets first you need to select movie and seats then you get the seat selection option in that you need to select the seats once you completed the selection process then you get the booking confirmation. If you like to store this information you need to use PHP/MySQL.

Inbetween the seat selection and booking confirmation you like to integrate online payment gateway there is a lot of providers are there. Popularly Paypal, American Express, CCAvenue, Paytm, Payumoney, etc., Using this payment gateway you can process the movie tickets. For this, you need one online website in that you need to integrate the below code. Once you integrate your payment gateway then the users can book the tickets and you get the payment to your bank account.

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