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Live Weather App Using jQuery with Open Weather API

The weather app is used to get the current weather information like temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, pressure in the current city or place. In this article, we are going to see how to create a live weather app using jQuery with Open Weather API. Also, you can get weather forecast information for any city in a country and if you like to get a number of the day’s weather forecast information, that also possible with date wise. Using jQuery here we going to display the current weather of any city and country using (Open Weather API).

Live OpenWeatherMap API

OpenWeatherMap API provides weather information for overall all cities around the world. Using this API you can integrate easily on your website and show the weather information. One of the best thing in OpenWeatherMap API is that it also gives free access to get weather information and that are limited to 60 visits per minute to the API. Once you reached above 60 visits per minute you need to pay for the API. Here you having the price information OpenWeatherMap API Pricing .

Note: You need to create an account on OpenWeatherMap API and using that API key you need to replace with the existing API.


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