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Just one-click launch your website with DigitalOcean

Today for the new business it is difficult to design and develop the website with a good web presence. Also one of the main issue is server setup for dedicated web servers like DigitalOcean, there is more configuration to setup requires custom package installation, software configuration, and firewall rules. So the DigitalOcean providing simple configuring for your website with 1-Click Apps.

Why DigitalOcean is Best

In cloud hosting the DigitalOcean provides the most economical price of cloud hosting. You can get started with the DigitalOcean server for $5/month.

Server Specification

  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 1 vCPU
  • 25GB of SSD storage space
  • 1TB Transfer
  • Price: $0.007/hour which is approximately $5/month and $60/year

DigitalOcean’s 1-Click Apps of WordPress

In the article, I show you one-click launch your website with DigitalOcean. With the help of DigitalOcean’s 1-Click Apps, you can quickly create a web presence that suits your needs. Now the DigitalOcean specifically recommends WordPress for quick web presence.

One of the best and simplest way to create your website or blog is using WordPress CMS. WordPress is open-source software that makes it easy to build a wonderful website, start a blog, or even sell your products online like eCommerce. The infinite possibilities of WordPress are made possible by the variety of different, customizable themes and plugins that can be quickly installed to improve the style and abilities of your app. It’s no wonder that nearly one in every three websites are powered by WordPress. Also, over 75 million of all the websites on the Internet are WordPress.

Beginner – 1-Click App WordPress

If you are a beginner to WordPress, Get Started your new DigitalOcean droplet, best suited for beginner developers.

Click to Install Beginner

Intermediate – 1-Click App OpenLiteSpeed WordPress

If you expect high-traffic loads, OpenLiteSpeed WordPress comes with performance enhancements that will hold your app running smoothly.

Click to Install Intermediate

Advanced – 1-Click App WordPress Kubernetes

Our WordPress Kubernetes solution is suited for experienced developers regarding serve their WordPress website to millions of visitors.

Click to Install Advanced

It is difficult to configure and use Cloud Servers but for DigitalOcean above are the best way to install WordPress by 1-Click Apps. DigitalOcean’s WordPress solutions are great, easy to use, and reliable, with much to contribute to your business. You’re able to deploy, scale, and get support for your WordPress app with just the click of a button leading to a strong web presence for your business today and for years to come.

Conclusion: I hope this article will help you to build your web presence and I excited to see what your business could do with DigitalOcean’s WordPress solutions behind you.

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