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jQuery Plugin For Multi Select Dropdown With Checkbox

Multiselect allows the user to select multiple options in the given select box. If you looking for multi-select dropdown then here you are in right place. This plugin is the simplest way to change the interface of the primary select box element and form the multi-select box with a checkbox. The multiple selections of the dropdown can be listed and added by using multiple attributes in the <select> tag. Rather the using multiple select attributes in HTML, here you can use jQuery to get the multi-select dropdown more simplest way and add the checkbox to the multi-select dropdown.

I am going to show you a jQuery plugin that not only supports selecting multiple options but the options are shown as checkboxes. When you click on the dropdown, the options are opened with checkboxes. A user may check or uncheck any option that will also appear in the box. Also, you can select all the dropdown values at the same time as well you can cancel all the selected values. If you like to get the selected values through one single button, here you have the option to get those values that you can see below in the preview button.


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