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jQuery Event Booking Using FullCalendar With PHP

In this article, we going to see an event booking using a full calendar with jQuery and PHP. Here we used fullcalender.js plugin, using this calendar plugin you have multiple options to book a meeting, birthday function, marriage function, etc., whatever you like you can use the calendar plugin and store the information in MySQL. This calendar plugin having three types of option to book an event Month, Week and Day-wise you can book events.

If you looking for an event booking management with storing data in MySQL database? Here you have a solution for that, you can schedule a meeting or plan with the full calendar plugin. With the help of jQuery plugin here we are inserting event title this will automatically calculate time from 12 AM to 12 PM once the event is booked for the particular time then you can’t book on the same date and time. The event will calculate with start date and end date If you booked an event in the wrong data you can drag and change the date of booking this will automatically update in the calendar as well in database. For deleting the event you need to click on the booked date, once you clicked then you get popup box ok or cancel ok to delete the event.

jQuery Event Booking Process

First, we have to fetch data from database and display on the calendar, for fetch data from MySQL here we used events method. This process will happen through JSON string format and then only the booking date will display on the calendar. Once you adding a new event now you like to change the date or time of the particular event, here we have eventResize and eventDrop method, by using this method we can change date and time of the event and finally, we want to remove particular event we used eventClick method, by using this method when we have click on any event this it will trigger ajax request for remove event data from MySQL database. The below code will help you to integrate into your project.


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