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jQuery Datatables Export to Excel, CSV, PDF, Copy and Print using PHP

jQuery plugin that helps to convert your HTML table into a grid layout. Using jQuery plugin you can create Datatable into full functional data grid with many features like live search, pagination, sorting data and exporting table in various format. In this article, we show you how to export jQuery Datatable data into Excel, CSV, PDF, Copy and Print using PHP & MySQL

Now using the Ajax & PHP, you going to display the data from MySQL to Datagrid. If you like to export your data in various format like Excel, CSV, PDF, Copy and Print. For this, you need to work for separately, but with the help of jQuery Datatables plugin, we can export tables data into different file format whatever which you like. If you like to use this plugin, first you want to add some jQuery Datatables library to enable this feature.

By using this jQuery library, you going to enable export button features. Then you need to define HTML table for initialization jQuery Datatable plugin on the web page based on using the section ID “#user_info”. After you need to use the Datatable() method for initialized this plugin. Once you finished this process, you going to define Ajax which helps to send a request to fetch.php page and from there the data will fetch from MySQL table and that will display on the webpage. For the export button, you need to add “dom: lBfrtip” option which only leads to export in a various format which you like. The following code will help to integrate into your project.


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