jQuery & CSS Read More/Less Content Toggle

In this article, we going to see how to do Read More/Less content toggle using jQuery & CSS. Instead of showing all the contents in one place, we can hide the content for the particular height which we like. After that, we can show and hide content with the read more/less button.

Here we going to use two methods one by using #jQuery and another with #CSS, you can use any one of these methods on your website.

Using jQuery Read More/Less Content Toggle

If you already using the JavaScript library on your website, then it is simple to use the slideToggle function to execute the read more/less option for your content. Use the below code to get the jQuery read more/less option.

Use the below option to preview the code or download it.

Preview & Download

Using CSS Read More/Less Content Toggle

CSS provides more options like jQuery using that we going to do the read more/less option. Instead of dupping more scripts, CSS provides beautiful same options using that we can create read more/less content toggle and maintain the website performance. Use the below code to execute the read more/less option on your website.

Using the below option to Preview or Download

Preview & Download


I hope anyone of this method helps you to do the read more/less option on your website. If you have any doubts about this topic use the below comment box to let me know. If the like this article share it with your friends.

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