How to Start/Stop or Enable/Disable firewalld on CentOS/RHEL 7

FirewallD tool implements a dynamically managed firewall. This tool gives network and firewall zones to determine the trust level of networks connections or interfaces. Here the main advantage it’s supports both for IPv4 and IPv6 firewall settings. It provides you complete control over what traffic is allowed or disallowed to and from the system.

FirewallD replaces iptables as the default. The important thing is to keep the FirewallD service enabled, however in some cases for testing purpose, you may require to stop or disable.

If you want to know more about FirewallD here you have an article.

Note: You need to run the command as root or via the sudo.

Check the firewalld Status

First, you need to check the firewall status using the following command.

Start firewalld

If your firewalld is not running. Use the following command to start the firewalld.

Stop firewalld

If your firewalld is running and you like to stop the firewalld, Use the following command to stop firewalld.

Enable firewalld

To enable firewalld use the following command.

Disable firewalld

If you need to disable firewalld use the following command.

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