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How to Refresh/Update cPanel Licence Verification

In this article, We show you how to Refresh/Update cPanel license verification. The common issue you facing in the VPS and Other servers is Cannot read license file error in cPanel. They are a few things that are leads to create a problem to verify your cPanel license verification.

Reasons for cPanel Licence Update.

There are a few things that lead to losing your cPanel license, that is listed below.

  1. cPanel Maintenance
  2. Firewall problems
  3. IP Address Change
  4. DNS Resolver issues
  5. Unfinished Full Server Restore
  6. Hostname has changed
  7. Comms failure during a –force update

Above are the usual common cause for a VPS to lose its license validation.

Steps to verify the cPanel license.

Note: Using SSH you need to run the below commands.

1. Check the Primary IP

First, you need to check the Primary IP is correct or not as per the license. Using the below command you can able check that.


2. Using the below URL you can check with your IP Address, the license has been revoked or not


3. Check the license has been canceled or not

4. You need to run the following command to execute the license update

Once you run the above command you get success result like below.

Now try to log in your cPanel or WHM. The error notification message should disappear now.

Error Messages cPanel Licence Verification

Still, you have trouble with updating the cPanel Licence Verification like above. Here you have one more option, that leads to solving the issue.

Try to update below nameserver. Edit /etc/resolv.conf file and write the file.

And again run /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt command.

If still, you have a problem with updating the cPanel, contact the support team and they will help you with the proper guidance.

Hopefully, this article is helpful to you.

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