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How to Install WordPress Theme for Beginners

We are going to provide you a full guide to Install WordPress Theme for Beginners. Now we going to install themes through WordPress Dashboard or FTP. In this you going to see both the methods and before we go ahead, I would like you to see the following preparation, which helps you to get started with WordPress.

  • First, you need to know about WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org
  • Best hosting providers for WordPress websites.
  • Install WordPress using cPanel
  • Essential settings after installing WordPress
  • Easy Install WordPress plugin

Before installing WordPress theme we go ahead with this example, here are amazing of the sources from where you can download WordPress themes. There are several Free WordPress themes available or you looking for better themes here you have for premium one. Below are the some of sources you can download the themes from the websites.

WordPress Default Themes (Free)
Just Free Themes (Free)
Theme Forest (Premium)
Elegant WordPress theme club (Premium)

For beginners, when we install WordPress, by default we get stock WordPress theme which is Twenty seventeen at the time. If you would like to change your theme you can always search themes from WordPress free themes directory using WordPress dashboard, or you can download from other websites as a .zip file and upload it directly using below given method.

Install a WordPress Theme using WordPress Theme Search

Now you looking to install a free WordPress theme from the WordPress.org themes directory. The simplest method is by using the WordPress admin theme search and you have multiple categories like Featured, Popular & Latest using this you can choose your best themes.

First, you want to login to your WordPress admin Dashboard. Now click on Appearance » Themes.

WordPress theme click install

If you are on the WordPress themes page, click Add New button at top of the lefthand corner.

add a new theme WordPress

Once you redirected to next page, you will have multiple options to select the thems from Featured, Popular & Latest themes. If you need to search for a particular theme you have search option using that you can search particular theme.

Featured, Popular & Latest themes WordPress

Based on your search, you will get the search result list of themes. In our example, we searched for the Mag Lite theme.

When you see the theme that now you need to install, simply take your mouse on top of the theme. Now this will show the install option and preview button. Go forward and click on the install button.

install and preview theme WordPress

After installation your selected theme, you will get a success message along with the link to activate or live preview.

activate or live preview theme WordPress

Now you need to click activate button, and you’ve successfully installed on your theme directory and you need to activate your WordPress theme to live the website.

Note: Based on the theme you have additional settings options in the customizer or separate option on the WordPress Dashboard.

Install a WordPress Theme by using Upload Method

In this, we are covered overall install free themes that are available in the WordPress.org theme’s directory. Simply something you want better you need to install “premium” WordPress theme for this you have a number of companies like Themeforest, StudioPress, iThemes.

If you need to install a custom WordPress theme? So in this instance, you want to install the WordPress theme using the upload method. Now download the .zip file from where you purchased from.

Now go to your WordPress dashboard and click on Appearance » Themes.

WordPress theme click install

If you are on the WordPress themes page, click Add New button at top of the lefthand corner.

add a new theme WordPress

In the next screen, you have Upload theme button at the top lefthand corner.

upload WordPress theme

Now find you earlier downloaded theme .zip file and select the file and click Install Now.

upload and install WordPress theme

Once you installing the theme is completed then you get success message along with three links to activate the theme just click activate or you need to preview the theme click on preview.

Now click to activate the theme once the theme activated successfully then click on view site on top of the dashboard. Based on the theme, it may add further settings options that you may need to configure through the theme customizer or you have separate options in the dashboard.

activate WordPress theme

How to Install WordPress theme using FTP

Using FTP or cPanel we can able to upload the theme this is one method that I prefer when installing various themes or editing themes. This method is very useful for those who can’t able to upload the theme or plugins through WordPress dashboard. So in the case, we can upload the theme using FTP method. This is a manual method for uploading the themes or plugins.

Before installing themes using FTP method, you need software like WinSCP, FileZilla or your cPanel should allow FTP access from the web panel.

When you uploaded the .zip theme file in the wp-content/themes folder then you need to unzip the file.

upload wordpress theme using cPanel

Once you unzipped the theme in the themes folder then go to Appearance> Themes, and you will see a list of all you have then click the theme which one you uploaded using FTP and you can Preview or activate the theme directly from the dashboard.

activate or live preview theme WordPress


I believe in this tutorial will help you to go one more step to WordPress. If you have any related question to WordPress, don’t forget to let us know in the comment box.

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