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Dynamic Blog with PHP and MySQL

In this article, we going to see how to create a complete dynamic blog with PHP and MySQL. Like WordPress application here you can see the dynamic blog with PHP and MySQL. Benefits of this you can add, edit, update, publish and delete articles to make them available in the public view. This dynamic blog helps you lot by easy handling and SEO friendly URL and pages. You have the option to create separate categories which would you like, So the users and public can browse the articles through categories.

The advantage of this you have a separate Dashboard to maintaining your articles and user management. In the dashboard, you have a list of articles from there you can edit or delete. For user management, admin can create multiple uses for login dashboard and also there is edit and delete option for user management.

Dynamic Blog Structure

Front View
Home Page
Inner Page
Category Page
Archives Page

Home Page
Posts Page
— All Post Page
— Add Post Page
Categories Page
— Categories Page
— Add New Categories Page
Users Page
— Users Page
— Add User Page

.htaccess File

.htaccess Update

If you finished all the setup then you need to update your .htaccess file. Add the following command to rewrite rule c- for categories and a- for archives this help to view the categories and archives posts. For viewing post, you need to add Rewrite condition.

Username: softaox@demo.com
Password: 12345

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  1. I placed the blog folder in a sub-folder in my domain… how do i make it open category pages when the blogs page is in my root directory

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