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Dynamic Blog with PHP and MySQL – Front View

Dynamic blog front view shows you major things are a list of all posts, post inner page, categories page, and archives page. Before starting work on the front view you need to add a config.php file that only connects the database and show you the information from the database. Below you have all the detailed information about the dynamic blog front view section.

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Dynamic Blog with PHP and MySQL

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Connection authentication for the database. Also, set the timezone this help to get country based time as of now I entered “America/Los_Angeles”, based on this time location the articles update post time and date.


In the functions.php you have core things that help you to remove unwanted characters also translate the country base language.


Home page contains all the articles information which only leads to other pages. Pagination helps a lot because here you can add more articles much as you can. By default, the home page creates SEO friendly by URL and other Metadata.


Sidebar section is helpful to see the recent post from the articles.


The inner page only holds all data from the individual article, you can see all the detailed information from the particular article with the date of post and category.


Based on a category where you can list the articles, using .htaccess you need to write the condition this make to redirect with the c- prefix category list.


Once you selected an article from the category page next you redirected to the category inner post page, this will hold all the data’s for the particular article.


Archives help to show the articles from the month wise. If the user wants to see the article based on month wise means this will help a lot to the users.

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