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Build a beginner level-Design System

What are Design Systems?

A shared set of rules on how to approach design across the organization/team and a complete set of usage guidelines regarding brand identity.

Why they Matters?

The design system is more than a framework, UI toolkit or component library. Overall, the design system creates a bridge between designers & developers that allows for quicker ideation at fraction of cost.

The tips that help you to build the level Design System

1. Colors

You can build your Design System by adding colors in Design System and assign each color a name-based on purpose, rather than what they look like.

Pro Tips!

Your primary-brand color should be something like primary-brand rather than Dark/light blue


Why primary?
Because developers are using design tokens to bring colors into code.

2. Layer styles

Layer style is a powerful way to save style attributes like shadows, borders & fills that reply to NO. of different layers & shapes.


3. Text styles

Text styles are the complicated part of a Design System. You can add text styles by adding your own names, just remember that naming should convey a certain style, value of meaning.

UI and UX Text styles

4. Icons

Be should be saved & settle your icon in an organized manner, and grouping each icon symbols together based on pixel dimensions.

UI and UX Icons format

5. Components

When we come into components, many different types of components are varying with screen-sizes, but usable are those who are accessible and responsive.


I hope this article will help you to build a level Design System

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