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AngularJS Inline Table Add, Edit and Delete using PHP MySQL

In this article, we going to see AngularJS Inline table add, edit and delete using PHP MySQL. Inline CRUD also knows as create, read, update and delete. Using the CRUD only we going to do the following process. AngularJS is one of the best ways to reduce the loading capacity for the webpage and also using the AngularJS you can handle a huge collection of data on the webpage. By using AngularJS we going to add, edit and delete the data in the DataTable without refreshing the webpage. Here you can edit or update the record with the existing data also same for delete or removing the data on the webpage.

By fetching the data from the MySQL table we going to display the records in the webpage DataTable by using AngularJS and PHP. In the DataTable you can see the Edit and Delete option using that you can modify your records or else if you like to delete a record you can do. To display all the available data in the MySQL table where you need to use “ng-repeat” directive of AngularJS. The “ng-repeat” can display all records with the edit and delete option using that you can do the work in the single webpage without page refresh. By using “ng-template” you can get the save and cancel button and also when you click on the edit button the data table automatically converted into textbox format using that you can modify your data, Once you completed the modification now you can save or cancel.

The following example you can see Username and Email ID add, edit and delete options.


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