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6 Factors that add value to User Experience

How useful?

A website wants to tell a story that addresses user problems, how to solve it, and how your product can help. Don’t talk about yourself, just add value that makes a clear picture.

How usable?

Simplicity over complexity the website must be easy to use.

How desirable?

Delivered in design through branding, imagery, identity, aesthetics, and emotion.

How findable?

If you cannot find the product or services, then you not going to buy it. The product and content must be easy to find online.

How accessible?

The User Experience requires to be available to all users with a full range of facilities including people with disabilities, hearing loss, impaired vision, learning difficulties, etc.

How credible?

Getting a second chance is narrow. There is a whole internet full of competition. The user has to trust your brand and believe what you tell them.

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