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5 Tips for better Mobile UX design

To do better Mobile UX design follow the below 5 tips that help you to finish the clear design.

1. Cut the clutter

  • Mobile devices have limited space, so use it wisely.
  • Don’t overload the interface with too much information. Prioritize every element before placing it in design.

2. Make clear Navigation

  • Organize information clearly and logically. Decrease the number of steps to accomplish the end goal.
  • Use navigation patterns that users are familiar with, so that navigation doesn’t need any explanation.

3. Prevent touch target errors

  • Smaller touch targets can lead to mistaken taps. Provide ample touch targets for interactive elements.
  • Create touch targets that measure at least 25-35 pixels so they can be perfectly tapped with a finger.

4. Don’t rely on custom gestures

  • Don’t use custom gestures as the primary way of interaction. It’s hard for users to learn a new interaction to do basic things.
  • Always use standard gestures for all the interactions unless your app is a game.

5. Maintain consistency

  • Keeping your interface consistent across your application is important because it allows users to understand usage patterns.
  • Once users learn how some parts of the interface work, they can apply this experience to new areas and features.

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