Login With Facebook oAuth Using PHP And MySQL

In this day’s users are not interested in filling a huge form to user registration. Quick user registration method helps to get more visitors to your website. Login with Facebook is a fast and great way to integrate user registration and login method on the website. The Facebook is a fabulous and popular social network and a maximum of the users have a Facebook account. Facebook Login authorize the users to login into your website, Through their Facebook account credentials without sign up on your website.

In this post, we going to see login with Facebook oAuth using PHP and MySQL. Let me explain how you can implement user registration and login operation with Facebook using PHP. Now we going to save the user data into the MySQL database. We’ll use Facebook PHP SDK v4 with Facebook API to create Facebook Login method with PHP and MySQL.

Step 1 – Create an Facebook App to get the App ID and App Secret Key
— Goto https://developers.facebook.com/apps/ and Click Add a New App .
— Create a New APP ID and Enter Display name and Contact Email.
— Now Click Create APP ID

Step 2 – Now choose website.

Step 3 – Provide Values for Website URL

Step 5 – Now below App Review, Click the button to make you App public.



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