Google Site Verification: 5 Ways to Verify With Google Search Console

Google site verification is about showing that you are only own the website and you trying to add the website for site verification. So Google doesn’t want to give those rights to anyone, here Google providing webmasters tool for Google Search Console verification process before they can manage your websites. This is the simple process and there are various ways to verify your website with Google Search Console.

We going to see 5 different types of method to verify with Google site verification.

1. Verification Using HTML File

(i) Download Verification File From Recommended verification method

In this method, you need to upload Google given HTML file in your website root directory. For this, you need server access to upload the file either cPanel or FTP.


(ii) Upload File Via cPanel

Next, you need to login into your cPanel and upload the file in your root directory that you downloaded from Google Search Console.


(iii) Click To Verify Your Site Verification In Google Search Console

Once you uploaded the file in your website now it’s time to verify your website. Here you need to click on the verification button in Google Search Console to complete the verification process.

Click To Verify Your Site Verification In Google Search Console

2. Using HTML Meta Tag

Using Meta Tag method, you can add Google given meta tag on the head section. In WordPress, you can add the code in the header.php file.

(i) Copy Given Google Site Verification Meta Tag

You find two option for site verification in Google Search Console one is Recommended verification method and another one is Other verification methods click on Other verification methods. Now select the HTML tag and copy the given meta tag from the box.

Add a meta tag to your site's home page-google site verification

(ii) Add Meta Tag Using Headers And Footers

Here you have two methods one if you are using the Static website you can add the code in the head tag or else using WordPress you need to open header.php and add the following code. The following screenshot will help to add the code.

(iii) Click To Verify Your Site Verification In Google Search Console

Once you completed the process, go back to the Google Search Console and you can see the verify button, Now click to verify your website.

Site Verification In Google Search Console

3. Using Google Analytics

If you already added Google Analytics code in your website for tracking purpose. It much easily verifies your site using Google Analytics. Following three steps helps you to verify your website.

(i) Go to the Other verification methods
(ii) Click on Google Analytics button
(iii) Click to Verify your website


4. Using Google Tag Manager

As same like the Google Analytics, Here you have Google Tag Manager in that you already added your website in that account means by just a single click you can Verify your website.

(i) Go to the Other verification methods
(ii) Click on Google Tag Manager button
(iii) Click to Verify your website.


5. Using DNS TXT Record

Here one of the best method to verify your website using DNS. In this, you need to add a TXT record in your DNS instead of adding any code in your website.

(i) Get TXT Record From Google Search Console

In the Other verification methods, you can see the Domain name provider. In that, you can get the DNS TXT record in Google Search Console.


(ii) Add TXT Record In DNS

If you are using GoDaddy here you need to click on DNS Management in the domain section and now click on add button then select Type TXT, Host @, TXT Value Google Verification Code, TTL Custom & Seconds 600 then click to save.

Add Google Verification TXT Record in DNS

(iii) Click To Verify Your Site Verification In Google Search Console

To complete the process, you need to click on the Verify button in Google Search Console.


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