AngularJS User Signup And Login Authentication Using PHP & MySQL

Hi, friends in this post we going to see how to do AngularJS User Signup And Login authentication using PHP & MySQL. Here we going to create a simple AngularJS web application that will have the following three functionality.

  1. Signup
  2. Login
  3. Logout

We will create an easy web application service using PHP. The data from easy service will be used to allow user authentication in our AngularJS web application.

Now we going to create the Login page. After the user enters the correct sequence of email or phone, and password, it will be verified from the credentials collected in our MySQL database. When login successfully it will cache the user credentials and stored in the session and it will automatically redirect to welcome page. All following pages browsed after login will have access to the user information. If failed login or logout, the app will automatically redirect to user login page.


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