AngularJS Client-side Image Optimization

Hi, friends in this post we going to see how to make client-side image optimization using AngularJS. The main benefit of AngularJS is its capacity to perform client-side processing of the image, reducing the size of data to be sent to the server. This is especially helpful for websites targeted to users of mobile devices. It provides, for instance, uploading to the server images taken with the built-in camera. An image of this type can be large Megabytes in size, with a resolution over big to be exposed on a web page. Among AngularJS, it is conceivable to change the scale, and optionally the quality of the image, to reduce the size by up to 60%.

Also, AngularJS load does whatsoever image processing mechanism is accessible to the client to execute this processing of the image: html5, flash or Silverlight etc.. making it compatible with virtually any type of client.


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